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Who Can/Can't Blood Donate

DOs and DONT's of Blood Donation
Let others benefit from your good health. Do donate blood if ...
you are between age group of 18-60 years.
your weight is 45 kgs or more.
your haemoglobin is 12.5 gm% minimum.
your last blood donation was 3 months earlier.
you are healthy and have not suffered from malaria, typhoid or other transmissible disease in the recent past.

There are many, many people who meet these parameters of health and fitness!
Do abide by our rules - be truthful about your health status!

We ensure the health of blood, before we take it, as well as after it is collected. Firstly, the donor is expected to be honest about his or her health history and current condition. Secondly, collected blood is tested for venereal diseases, hepatitis B & C and AIDS.

You have to be healthy to give 'safe blood'

Do not donate blood if you have any of these conditions
Malaria (within 1 year)
Hepatitis B, C *
Any other type of Jaundice (within 16 years)
Tuberculosis (within 2 years)
Diabetes (are you under medication currently?)
Fits/ Convulsions (are you under medication currently?)
Cancer *
Leprosy or any other infectious diseases
Any allergies (Only if you are suffering from severe symptoms)
Hemophilia/ Bleeding problems *
Kidney disease *
Heart disease *
Chicken Pox (within 1 year)
Hormonal disorders *
Hemoglobin deficiency / Anemia (recently)
Drastic weight loss (recently)
Small Pox Vaccination (within the last 3weeks)
Blood Donation (within the last 3 months)
Blood Transfusion (within the last 6 months)
Major Surgery (within the last 3 months)
Pregnancy (within the last 6 months)
Organ Transplant (within one year)

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