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Terms and Conditions

We may amend these terms of use from time to time, and the revised version will be effective when displayed here. Although we have taken precautions, you should note that the internet is not a secure medium, and any information sent through alishbaa.com may be intercepted and may not arrive safely at its ultimate destination.

If accessing any part of alishbaa.com that requires you to enter a password you agree:
a. to ensure that any details which you supply to us to register for such access are accurate and to let us know promptly.
if any of the details which you have supplied to us about you change;
b. to keep any personal login name and any password provided by us to you confidential, and to be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from use of your password by any third party; and c. that we reserve the right to terminate your access to alsihbaa.com should we consider that your use of alishbaa.com is detrimental to alishbaa.com or to other users.
We shall use any personal information you submit to alishbaa.com and other information we hold about you in accordance with our privacy policy. In particular, we shall use the information (including sensitive personal information relating to your physical health) to [provide you with a blood donor information service as described on the alishbaa.com homepage].
By registering for the service through this form, you give your consent to such use of your personal information.While we will use our reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information provided by alishbaa.com is accurate, alishbaa.com (including [records of blood stocks, your blood type and quantities of blood donated]) is provided to support your own records and you should always check with an appropriately qualified health professional before donating blood.
By registering as a user of alishbaa.com, you agree to the alishbaa general terms of use (including disclaimers), privacy policy and these terms of use.